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Prior Information Notice - Economic Development of Montserrat's existing Geothermal Wells

The Government of Montserrat will soon be inviting bids from suitably experienced tenderers for the following Service: • The Economic Development of Montserrat’s Existing Geothermal Wells on a Build, Own, and Operate and Transfer (BOOT) Basis. Montserrat currently has three (3) Geothermal Wellheads, at the sites of Mon 1, Mon 2, and Mon 3. The Well completion report for MON 1 and MON 2 indicates that each well is capable of sustaining up to 2MW of electricity generation, while MON 3 requires some remedial to allow energy production. The primary objective of this assignment develop these assets primarily through the installation of a geothermal power plant with a minimum capacity of 1.5 MW. To maximize the economic impact of these assets, respondent will be encouraged to propose economic and technological solutions which can augment the propose geothermal power plant. Electricity will be purchased through a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA).

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