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Invitation to Tender for Structural Supervision for Refurbishment for Blocks L & M at Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) - Tender awarded to The Galloway Group Inc.

The main objective is to provide structural supervision services for the contractor undertaking structural works and refurbishment of Blocks L & M at the MSS. This role will seek to ensure appropriate oversight to ensure that the works are conducted according to the given structural specifications. Purpose of the Services In light of the foregoing, GoM seeks the services of a qualified Structural Engineer to undertake a supervision services for the Structural and Retrofit for Blocks L & M at the MSS. The scope summary of this work is included in Appendix C. Scope of the Services The Scope of work will include but not limited to: 1. Assisting in Contract Administration for the Structural and Retrofitting Works for blocks L&M at the MSS, 2. Conduct site visits to monitor progress of works, 3. Produce amendments to structural drawings in response to variation requests, 4. Liaise with key stakeholders necessary for the execution of the works, 5. Allow for shadowing by representative of the Public Works Department (PWD) appointed by the Director PWD, 6. Support the payment certification process through the timely provision of information related to the completion of works and 7. Provide progressive technical assurance of the quality of works undertaken, as well as final completion, to enable confidence in the future use of the buildings by the MSS. Outputs 1. Develop and submit progress reports (minimally every 2 weeks) of the project, inclusive of contractor performance, slip or leads in schedule. 2. Oversight of project progress and performance to ensure successful delivery of projects per the scope and benefits sought. 3. Develop and submit project Close-Out Report, inclusive of outlining final variances to cost, schedule, and quality baselines, as well as lessons learned. 4. Ensure that all works are carried out based on the specifications provided and to the required standards. 5. Provide updated as built drawings to reflect the work completed by the Contractor. Duration The engagement is expected to take place for a minimum of three months, in line with the structural works. This is subject to the performance and delivery of the main structural project. Therefore, this period may need to be extended to coincide with the completion date. Required Qualifications and Experience The Tenderer should have the following: 1. Be a qualified Structural Engineer or equivalent discipline, 2. Possess at least ten (10) years’ experience as a Structural Engineer or equivalent discipline and 3. Experience in supervisory works. Reporting Mechanisms The Tenderer will report to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs or their representative and provide bi-weekly Reports in an agreed format which will address the delivery of the above mentioned outputs. The Tenderer will be working closely with staff from the following entities: - 1. Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports, 2. The MSS, 3. PWD and the 4. Contractor for Structural retrofit 5. Other key staff identified by the PS. Upon completion of the construction activities, the Tenderer shall provide a Project close-out Report, with a brief breakdown of a record of the design and construction activities accomplished including: 1. A brief description of changes or modifications to the design, 2. Problems encountered and solutions adopted (lessons learnt), 3. Final construction drawings and 4. Technical acceptance of the works in line with specifications. All drawings and designs must be provided in DWG and PDF format that are compatible with GoM's current software. All DWG must be in format compatible with AutoCad 2021 or earlier.

Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs & Sports
The Galloway Group Inc.
76528.80 EC