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Prior Information Notice - Digital Marketing Contractor Services

The Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy (MCWLE) within the Government of Montserrat has been given a mandate to drive key deliverables within the Montserrat’s Sustainable Development Plan (SDP). These deliverables are aimed at catalysing economic growth for jump starting the economy, whilst providing prosperity to our citizens. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department within MCWLE is currently rolling out a project in line with some of the actions tabled under the approved SDP. The project involves the use of the island’s ICT resources (i.e. fibre optic) to foster digital related jobs and generate entrepreneurialism in the E-Commerce sector and the Hospitality Industry. The Government of Montserrat through the Ministry will soon be seeking quotations for a Digital Marketing Contractor to aid in the promotion of its new project.

Information Technology (IT)
Ministry of Communication Works & Labour