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Quotation for Verge Cutting and Drain Cleaning Contract 2020 - Section 1-6

Section One (1) – Allen Workshop to Montserrat Secondary School Section Two (2) – Montserrat Secondary School to Cheap End (Junction of one-way system) Section Three (3) – Cheap End (Junction of one-way system to Old Bank of Montserrat(Hill Top) including St Peter’s One-Way Road”. Section Four (4) – Old Bank of Montserrat (Hill Top) to Brades Intersection Section Five (5) – Brades Intersection to Junction of A & F Filling Station Section Six (6) – Junction of A & F Filling Station to Judy Piece Turnoff via Hospital Road (including from A&F Filling Station to Hospital Junction via St. Johns and Yellow Hill Road)

Verge Cutting & Drain Cleaning
Ministry of Communication Works & Labour