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ITT for the Supply of 80ft Self Supporting Tower & Assemble for the New Radio Montserrat Project - Tender awarded to

Radio Montserrat is seeking bids for the supply of 80ft Self Supporting Tower and Assemble Tower.The tower must, in every aspect, conform to the descriptions provided in this tender document.Respondents are required to complete the enclosed Bill of Quantities taking into account the following considerations: (a) Provision of Equipment Cost associated with acquiring the specified product and shipping with adequate insurance coverage to Port Little Bay, Montserrat. (b) Documentation Provision of all documents pertaining to the tower and assembling which form part of this tender to include, but not limited to, operation manual, and warranty details. The manual is to be written in English or an English translation should be provided. The provision of warranty must be inclusive of the overall tendered price. (c) Transportation from Port Little Bay to Davy Hill Cost associated with the loading, un-loading and transportation of equipment from port Little Bay to Radio Montserrat's new building in Davy Hill will be covered by the Government of Montserrat. (d) Delivery Duty Paid Cost associated with securing release of the equipment from Montserrat Customs and Montserrat Port Authority will be covered by the Government of Montserrat.

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