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ITT to tender for the Development of a Tourism Strategy for Montserrat - Tender awarded to Auliana Poon, Tourism Intelligence International

The Government of Montserrat (GoM) intends to develop a Tourism Strategy following the finalisation of a Tourism Master Plan to aid in attracting financial assistance to implement a series of projects. It will also be used to guide the Tourism Masterplan in achieving its aims and objectives. Background Tourism has traditionally been a significant contributor to the economy of Montserrat. However in 1995 and in subsequent years following, the Soufriere Hills Volcano dealt a severe blow to Montserrat which severely impacted the tourism industry, resulting in the loss of many major attractions and amenities -villas, golf course, Galways Soufriere, Great Alps Waterfall, the airport and the former capital, Plymouth. Many of its inhabitants and regular/resident visitors left the island during that period resulting in a loss of more than 7,000 inhabitants. The population has since stabilised at around 5,000 people. The Government of Montserrat (GoM) is committed to re-launching Montserrat as a sought after tourism destination, following the volcanic eruptions and thereby approved a National Tourism Master Plan (TMP) 2015 –2025, and a National Tourism Policy in 2016. A Tourism Brand was also completed in 2016, resulting in a new logo and tag line for the island which states: “Come. We have time for you.”Also completed was a Capacity Building and Organisation Development Report. The Master Plan focuses on three growth scenarios to propel tourism development. The Medium Growth Scenario has been looked at, as the most favourable, given the current circumstances, as it focuses on re-establishing Tourism as the ‘driver’ of the economy, thereforefulfilling the role it once had until the volcanic eruptions more than twenty years ago. The emphasis is therefore based on the twin attractions of a volcano and the quiet, unspoiled Caribbean lifestyle that can still be experienced in Montserrat, alongside its other attributes: ‘greenness’...natural unspoilt environment; Peace and tranquillity –get away from it all; Breath-taking views Nature trails and adventurous walks Marine life ?Safety and security; warm, welcoming, friendly people; affordable luxury; intimacy –a private hideaway –no mass tourism, and authenticity -a distinctive, cultural heritage.

Office of the Premier
Auliana Poon, Tourism Intelligence International
192942.00 EC