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ITT for the Procurement of one (1) Tractor - Tender awarded to RIMCO (Barbados) SRL

The Ministry of Agriculture, lands, Housing & the Environment is soliciting tenders from qualified businesses and persons to provide proposals to supply one (1) Tractor for, inclusive of after sales supporting services and warranty to support its effectiveness during the initial 12 months of operation. The Tractor must conform to the specifications provided in this tender document. Respondents are required to provide an overall price for the Tractor, taking into account the following considerations: (a) Provision of Tractor Cost associated with acquiring the specified product and essential accessories to support its effectiveness during the initial 12 months of operation and shipping with adequate insurance coverage to Port Little Bay, Montserrat. (b) Warranty Type of warranty and information on how warranty obligations are to be carried out during the time period offered. (c) Training The provision of training for the operation, safety and the maintenance of the tractor, before and after the commissioning of the tractor. (d) Documentation Provision of all documents pertaining to the tractor and the attachments which form part of this tender to include, but not limited to, operation or user manuals, commissioning certificates, a comprehensive list of recommended accessories and warranty details.

Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and Evironment
RIMCO (Barbados) SRL
96993.33 EC